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What do we offer?

Here at Evidence Based Education, we believe in a long-term, sustained and manageable approach to integrating research evidence at all levels of education. The first step is to spread the word.

By working with us, you can connect your conference or event right to the heart of evidence in education, whether it be in policy, research or practice.

We have been embedding evidence-based education into practice for more than a decade as teachers, school leaders, policy-makers and researchers. From this considerable experience, our particular areas of expertise include – but are not limited to:

  • Assessment (click here to read about our new Assessment Academy)
  • How to train your Research Leads
  • DIY evaluation in schools
  • Evidence-based school improvement
  • Use of standardised assessment data
  • Robust evidence and practical wisdom: The next generation of school improvement
  • Student evaluation of teaching

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Why us?

When we ask, in our post-event survey, how likely participants are to recommend Evidence Based Education on a scale of 1 – 10, the average response is 8.5 (updated May 2017).

Below, you can read some more specific feedback from participants.

The real talent of the innovative thinkers at Evidence Based Education is to draw together and challenge teachers, researchers and policy-makers in their work on evidence-based education.

Prof. Ulrich Trautwein, LEAD Graduate School, University of Tübingen 

Really liked the talk on evidence. Will be using the EEF Toolkit with my impact initiative, to validate why I wish to implement certain changes. The opportunity to introduce evidence-based approaches across our school is intriguing.

Participant, Future Leaders Foundations event

Brilliant speakers, who were very passionate about their subject and knew what they were talking about. Made me really think about an area I have always struggled in: how to measure impact.

Participant, Future Leaders Foundations event

Evidence Based Education is an ideal candidate to support school improvement: be it supporting school leaders to undertake ‘best bet’ interventions, or to help teachers improve their pedagogy and impact by accessing the best of educational research.

Alex Quigley, Deputy Head, Huntington School; also blogs at The Confident Teacher

The team at Evidence Based Education is adaptable and can, very quickly, tweak the brief as requirements develop. Their ability to work closely with colleagues is exceptional; they have a deep understanding of the life of a teacher.

Alan Whelpdale, Headteacher, Leicester High School for Girls

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Stuart and the EBE team; they have the rare combination of incredible knowledge in their field, and excellent presentation skills.

Ffion Eaton, Research Support Lead, Cheshire Vale TSA


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