#C2CforMS: Jack plans his marathon attack

We’re well into the planning stage of my #C2CforMS adventure now, and while the daunting scale of the task has set in, I’m also quite looking forward to it… Well, looking forward to the finish line, at the very least!

It’s nigh on five marathons in as many days, and while I would consider myself a fairly experienced runner, 10k to half marathon has been my distance of choice. I’ve only ever done one marathon before, so it’s not something I am taking on lightly!

The details of the stages are outlined below, and if you can and wish to support in any way, I and we would be so grateful. Here are some ways you can do that:

  • If you happen to live on or near the route, a pit stop for a drink and reviving bite to eat would, I’m sure, be very welcome;
  • If you’re a runner or a cyclist yourself, and would like to join for a segment, no matter how big or small, please do let me know! I’ll have a crew of one or two with me most of the way, and there’ll be plenty of checkpoints on the way;
  • Of course, by sponsoring me in aid of the MS Society, or by buying tickets to our Variety Night in June… Or both!
  • If there’s anything else you can offer to support, do get in touch… Hayley over at H-FIT Sports Massage and Taylored Fit Physio has been kind enough to offer the team’s support for Stages 3 & 4 of the adventure – I’m sure it will be much appreciated by that point!

Anyhow, here is the daunting scale of the task…


Stage 1: Whitehaven to Keswick

Stage 1 is quite a tough start to the adventure. The first 10 miles are relatively flat, but once we hit the Lake District, unsurprisingly, things take a turn for the hilly…

Around 16 miles in, there’s about two miles of a frankly disgusting climb, with gradient reaching 20% in parts. Fortunately, though, over the other side of the hill it’s all downhill and then flat into Keswick.

Full route and map are here.


Stage 2: Keswick to Langwathby

Stage 2 is a less daunting prospect than Stage 1. From Keswick, we continue westwards, eventually reaching Penrith and on towards Langwathby from there.

The challenge with this day will be in the back-to-back nature. This will be the first ever time I’ve done 20+ miles on consecutive days – and I’ve got three more to follow…!

Full route and map are here.


Stage 3: Langwathby to Allenheads

The hardest and most daunting of the five stages. Day 3 takes us from Langwathby to Allenheads in Weardale.

This is the most relatively uphill of the days, ending over 1,000ft higher than we begin. There are two sections notorious to C2C riders – the long steady climb out of Renwick (about 3 miles of steady 6-10% gradient) and Garrigill. The route also looks relatively remote, as we don’t pass through many villages or landmarks on the way. The sports massage and support in the evening will be much appreciated!

Full route and map are here.


Stage 4: Allenheads to Consett

With the back of the C2C being broken by Stage 4, I am under no illusions that the last two sections will be any easier, though it is mostly downhill after Rookhope on this day…

We end up in Consett on night 4, back on more familiar ground, and with another sports massage to look forward to, a night in Durham before embarking on the final stage will be well earned.

Full route and map are here.


Stage 5: Consett to EBE

The last stage! More familiar territory here, and with the finish line in sight…

We will pass our old office in Chester-le-Street about halfway through this day, before continuing through Washington and along the banks of the River Wear, before turning south of the river for the last mile to EBE HQ. Did somebody say pizza?

Full route and map are here.

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