Claim £200 cashback on your Great Teaching Toolkit subscription with ACER!

We’re thrilled to announce that Primary and Secondary schools in the UK can Claim £200 cashback on a Great Teaching Toolkit subscription when they join and participate in the ACER UK Schools Network.

ACER conduct innovative work in the fields of assessment development and educational research and are looking to extend the network of schools to support research and development activities.

Cashback claims are limited to 45 primary schools and 10 secondary schools. To claim £200 cashback on your Great Teaching Toolkit subscription, your school just needs to:

  1. hold a current GTT school subscription, or confirm interest when booking via the EBE website;
  2. be based in the UK;
  3. participate in ACER UK network activities (typically one per year).

Examples of typical ACER Schools Network activities:

  • Research studies – e.g. participating in interviews or surveys, or by trialling and evaluating new ideas
  • Writing moderation – e.g. support moderation standards through the provision of (anonymised) pupil work
  • Assessment trialling – e.g. trials of new questions for its ACER assessments
  • Informal trialling – e.g. interviewing teachers and pupils to gauge the appropriateness of assessment texts, the language used and interpretation and understanding of the associated questions

You can find out more about ACER and network activities here.

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