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Webinar: Retrieval practice

Rob Coe, our Director of Research and Development, and C.J. Rauch, our Head of Teaching and Learning, co-hosted a webinar (15/07/19) on Retrieval Practice. The webinar covered three main points:
– What is it?
– Why should we do it?
– How can we implement it in a classroom?

The Four Pillars of Assessment

An eBook with practical and pragmatic advice on how you can improve use of assessment through four key principles: purpose, validity, reliability and value.


Using CEM’s MidYIS data effectively

An eBook with useful hints and tips and best-practice guidance, from the approved training provider for CEM assessments. This guide will help you use CEM data more effectively to improve the quality of teaching and learning.


Designing Great Assessment

An eBook on how to design efficient and accurate assessments to improve attainment for your pupils; including a multiple-choice question checklist!


What Every Teacher Needs to Know about Assessment

WETNTKAA was a panel event hosted by Evidence Based Education and SchoolsWeek, on 27th November 2018.

We asked our panel to answer some key questions, including:

  • What does every teacher need to know about assessment?
  • What assessment practices should schools do more of, and what should they do less of?

The panel included expert practitioners, including Dr Christine Harrison, Phil Stock, Amie Barr, Becky Allen, Clare Sealy and Jon Hutchinson.


What Makes Great Assessment in the Classroom?

Speakers from ASCL’s Assessment conference in June 2018 provide their top tips and resources for you to help improve your practice.


What makes great assessment?

Our panel of experts from the event hosted in May 2017, in partnership with the Chartered College of Teaching, each answered three questions pertinent to the topic of assessment. The eBook provides insight from experts such as Daisy Christodoulou, Tim Oates, Dame Alison Peacock and David Weston.