We offer a full 30-day guarantee on all of our Research and Data Support Partnerships. We are sure that, once you and your team begin the course in evidence-based education, you will be 100% satisfied with the program, and will begin to reap the benefits of integrating evidence into your practice. However, if – for any reason – you are not happy, we give you a 30-day grace period, from the start date of the Research Support Partnership, to cancel your subscription. At this point, we will offer you a full refund and revoke all access to the online portal, deleting your participants’ accounts and all associated data in the process.

We are convinced that, because this 30-day period will allow you to proceed as far as the third lesson*, you will have begun to see some of the benefits evidence-based education can offer your team, and will already be integrating some aspects into your everyday practice.

* Our lessons are scheduled, in line with the best available evidence on CPD in schools, to become available in two-week intervals.

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