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The Great Teaching Toolkit across school groups

Raising the quality of teaching within schools is likely the single most effective method we have for improving student attainment and equity. But how can you prioritise professional development in a way that is evidence-based and gives you a clear, long-term structure?

And how can you standardise the training that is offered across your schools, that is bespoke to both the needs of the group and of each individual school?


At the heart of the Toolkit is our Model for Great Teaching – the things teachers know, do and believe that research has shown to make the biggest difference to student learning. It can be thought of as a curriculum for teacher learning.


Aligned to the model are teacher courses and leader programmes focused on improving specific elements of Great Teaching.


Feedback tools provide insight to teachers on their practice and development, and to leaders on key characteristics of the school environment that promote learning.

Anytime, anywhere learning

Delivered online, our courses and programmes incorporate opportunities for collaboration with colleagues, as well as activities to plan, implement and evaluate pedagogical approaches in your context.

All teachers should complete the Toolkit Foundation course: An evidence-based approach to great teaching. It serves as an orientation to the Toolkit and covers core concepts at the heart of the Model for Great Teaching.

Here are the Great Teaching Toolkit courses:

Great Teaching Toolkit: Group/MAT access

Assessment Lead Programme

Great Teaching Toolkit: Group/MAT access

Science of Learning Programme

Great Teaching Toolkit: Group/MAT access

Behaviour and Culture Programme

Great Teaching Toolkit: Group/MAT access

Creating a supportive environment

Great Teaching Toolkit: Group/MAT access

Maximising opportunity to learn

Great Teaching Toolkit: Group/MAT access


Great Teaching Toolkit: Group/MAT access


Great Teaching Toolkit: Group/MAT access


Great Teaching Toolkit: Group/MAT access


Great Teaching Toolkit: Group/MAT access


Great Teaching Toolkit: Group/MAT access


Identifying areas of focus for a group, school or individual

The instruments in the Toolkit take the form of student surveys. Designed by Prof Rob Coe and trialled in schools, these instruments are easy to administer and give teachers accessible and actionable feedback about their practice.

Students respond to questions relating to their classroom experiences in each of the four dimensions from the Model for Great Teaching.

Great Teaching Toolkit: Group/MAT access

The surveys give students a voice in teaching and learning and the feedback they generate can be a powerful tool for teacher learning – offering additional insight that allows teachers and leaders to personalise professional development.

  • Teachers receive the responses of their class(es) with comparator information, so they can see how their students’ perceptions compare with those of similar students taught by other teachers. This informs their development over time, guiding choices about areas for focus and improvement.
  • Leaders receive a summary, at school level, of how students’ perceptions in each dimension compare to those in other schools. This informs the professional development priorities – and provides additional insight into where Great Teaching already exists!

When teachers themselves make the decision about what it is that they wish to prioritise for their own professional development, they are more likely to make it work.”

Dylan Wiliam

Video observation & feedback

The video observation feature will be another way you can bring the GTT to life in your classroom. Each teacher using the GTT will be able to record snippets of themselves teaching, with nothing more than a smartphone or tablet.

Once recorded and saved in the “My Videos” area, any snippets will remain private to the teacher in question. From there, they can be shared, perhaps with a Head of Department, observer or coach, or with a team – a professional learning community, working together on a certain Dimension or Element of the Model for Great Teaching.

From there, the teacher and their trusted colleagues will be able to watch, tag and comment on the video, working particularly on one Dimension or Element at a time.

You and your team will be able to use this to facilitate low-stakes but high-impact conversations around strengths, areas for improvement, and strategies to try in the classroom.

Group savings

With no travel or cover costs incurred, and access to courses, tools, video feedback and more, the Great Teaching Toolkit offers excellent value for money.

Further to this, we offer group savings based on the number of schools signing up from the school group!

No. of accounts p/school Cost p/school
10 £1,999
20 £2,999
50 £3,999
100 £4,999
101+ £6,999
Group Discount Rate
2 schools 10%
3 schools 15%
4 schools 20%
5+ schools 25%

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