The Great Teaching Toolkit: Group- and Trust-wide access

Improve the quality of teaching at real scale with the most sustained, sustainable and evidence-based professional development, trusted by 14,000+ teachers and leaders worldwide.

  • Build a common language with the Model for Great Teaching: the best evidence on teaching and teacher learning
  • Foster collaboration within and across schools with peer coaching
  • Build shared expertise with courses, 500+ resources, techniques and more
  • Receive hands-on implementation support for you and all your schools
  • Get great value with bespoke group pricing, from just £49 per teacher

Personalised teacher development driving whole-school improvement at scale

School improvement at scale for group or trust leaders

  • Hands-on implementation support. We work with numerous trusts and groups, and have a model for supporting you to roll out the Great Teaching Toolkit, giving it the best chance of success.
  • Develop a common language and shared expertise across teachers, teaching assistants and school leaders, with facilitated kickoff inset sessions, from 10 to 1000+ participants.
  • Aggregated monitoring and feedback data on a school level, to make reporting and management seamless.

Give school leaders the tools they need to drive improvement

  • Actionable school leadership feedback to identify school improvement priorities for leaders, as well as for individual teachers.
  • Facilitate peer coaching and collaboration with our scaffolded model to work across teams, phases, departments and even schools.
  • Support and improve existing processes with a rubric for lesson observation, and an integrated video observation tool.

Make visible improvements to the quality of teaching in every classroom

  • Act based on robust feedback with our student surveys. Identify the highest-leverage areas for improvement, and celebrate where great teaching is already happening.
  • Build knowledge with a suite of courses and programmes, and access more than 500 resources tagged around the Model for Great Teaching.
  • Grow a CPD Passport: teachers can log activities from inside and outside of the GTT, and highlight their CPD journey over time.

Find out how the Great Teaching Toolkit will benefit you across a group of schools

Book a 30-minute demo where we’ll learn more about your context, demo the Great Teaching Toolkit platform to answer any questions, and discuss how others have used the Great Teaching Toolkit to develop and showcase great teaching across multiple schools.

Any time, anywhere learning

Great teachers know a lot about learning and how to make it happen. However, it seems common that the conditions that optimise student learning (a clear curriculum, formative information, feedback, opportunities for practice etc.) are often missing from teacher learning. Teachers deserve better.

Teachers matter more to student achievement than any other aspect of schooling. The professional development of teachers should be the single biggest priority of groups and trusts – not only for the quality of teaching and learning, but also for investing in, recruiting and retaining great teachers.

Read more about our approach to teacher professional learning here, and scroll down to hear from Julie Deville on how the Great Teaching Toolkit is helping foster collaboration and drive teacher development at scale, across Extol Trust.

“Our biggest resource is our staff, and the Great Teaching Toolkit is our Golden Thread. It’s how, as a family of schools, we can ensure we are getting the very best teaching we can in every classroom.”

See Julie Deville on how the GTT has helped Extol Trust build collaboration and shared expertise across their schools.

Group savings

With no travel or cover costs incurred, and access to courses, resources, feedback tools, video observation and more, the Great Teaching Toolkit offers excellent value for money.

Further to this, we offer group savings based on the number of schools signing up from the school group! Prices start from just £49 per teacher per year, and to get a bespoke quote, please get in touch using the button below – we’ll be happy to discuss your context and put a quote together for you.