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Introducing an improved version of the GTT’s “Pathways” feature: helping Great Teachers become even greater!

Since the Great Teaching Toolkit was released last September, its aim has been to provide teachers with high-quality feedback, training and tools in the areas that underpin great teaching in the classroom. Ultimately, it seeks to guide evidence-based, sustained and sustainable professional development in schools and colleges. More than 14,000 licences have been taken up since then in schools and colleges around the world.

Our team of GTT Advisors have been listening to feedback from teachers and leaders in their regular conversations. In this series of blog posts, we’ll explore what feedback we’ve received, what developments and additions are coming soon, and how they will help you and your colleagues.


You said…

The feedback tools are really helpful to inform my choices around professional development, but it would be great to have a bit more structure and support around the “what next?” – the action plan.


… And what’s coming next

We’ve been listening to feedback from existing and prospective teachers on the GTT, and we are building out our “Pathways” functionality, and to join the dots between the feedback tools you can access as part of the GTT, the upcoming “CPD Passport” feature, and activities you can do to support development and improvement.

The new-look Pathways will be based on the GTT’s hex model, offering clear step-by-step support in your professional development activities. It will have clearer links to your Great Teaching Profile, work done elsewhere in the platform, and your other non-GTT CPD. With it, you will be able to:

  • Work through the six steps of our action planning cycle, from identifying a priority, through exploring, adopting and adapting potential strategies, to integrating it into your practice, and  ultimately reviewing whether it has helped you improve.
  • Focus on one pathway at a time.
  • Add resources and notes to sit alongside the element you are working on.
  • Join a team of teachers within your school working on the same element as you, sharing resources and plans.
  • Save your pathway directly to your CPD Passport, once it’s completed.
An early look at part of the upgraded Pathways experience, launching September

An early look at part of the upgraded Pathways experience, launching September


How do I access this?

If your school or college already has a subscription, you’ll be able to access the new-look Pathways from its launch in September.

If not, you can find out more and sign up here, to benefit from this and all of the other CPD in the Great Teaching Toolkit.


Read more about other new and upcoming features in the following posts:


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