Peter Tymms: “Assessment – an overview”

Here we are again!! This month, we have a podcast with the fabulous Peter Tymms. As well as listening to his dulcet tones, you can learn an awful lot about how the assessment landscape currently sits – both here in the UK and on a wider scale internationally, too.

Peter Tymms is Professor at Durham University’s School of Education, and is also heavily involved with the iPIPS project at CEM. He can be found on Twitter at @TymmsPeter, and this talk was recorded also as part of our Assessment Lead Programme Residential, much like last month’s episode.

As ever, his slides are here as a PDF download for you, and please do subscribe to receive the latest episodes straight to your device. If you enjoy it, please rate and review!

We’ve got a really exciting one coming up next month, so don’t miss out…

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