Project Intern is go!

Here at HQ, Project Intern has begun in earnest this morning, so we thought now would be a perfect time to introduce you to our two awesome new additions to our marketing team: Monika and Merve…


What’s your name? Monika Merve Sevinc
Where are you from? Poland Turkey
What do you do? I have just finished my Master’s programme in International Marketing and I will be an intern Marketing Officer at I am doing my master’s degree in International Business Management at Newcastle University and currently writing my dissertation about internationalisation of SMEs.
How did you get into this job? I got this job through Newcastle Work Experience, which is an internship programme run by Newcastle University. I did my bachelors degree in International Relations, but soon realized my interest for International Business and International Marketing. During my degree I managed to do an internship in a marketing department, which gave me more motivation to work in the field. I was therefore looking for a similar position where I could have more responsibility and truly make an impact in the company and had a chance to meet Jack and Stuart through Newcastle Careers Service.
What motivates you when things get tough? When things get tough my ambition and the need for achievement keep me going. Knowing that hard work gives good results in the end.
How would your colleagues describe you? I guess they would say that I am a perfectionist when it comes to work and a funny and quirky person in life. I hope they would say I am a good team player, organised and enjoy a good laugh :)
When you’re not working, how do you switch off? My guilty pleasure is binge watching TV series, also whenever I have time I travel. Good movie and a glass of wine normally work well!
What’s been the highlight of your career in education so far? The highlight in my education career has been the opportunity to teach English language in Vietnam for a year. I was very pleased to be awarded second place at Bilkent University for both my dissertation and presentation of the topic.
If you could change one thing in your career, what would it be? I wouldn’t change a thing because all my decisions up till now have brought me to this point in my career and it’s a great starting point for the future! Also, I have only two years of working experience until now, so I haven’t had time to make many mistakes yet. Have more experience related to International business and marketing.
What do you see as the role of evidence in education now, and in ten years’ time? Now evidence in education is in its infancy, and even if it’s available for the teachers and schools alike, it’s far from being utilised to its full potential. In the future, it will become the cornerstone of teaching and a tool to achieve maximum results and bring the best out of every individual student, while helping them to reach their full potential. I believe evidence in education will help teachers/school leaders implement educational policy and practices in a more accurate way. To date, evidence-based practices in teaching is limited, however in 10 years’ time it will hopefully be more integrated into teaching.


Quick-fire round:

Up with the larks, or burning the midnight oil? Burning the midnight oil. Up with the larks.
Relaxing beach break or activity holiday? Relaxing beach break. Relaxing beach break.
Tea or coffee? Always tea. Tea.
City or country? Country. City.
Board game or movie? Movie! Movie.
What song would be the soundtrack to your life? Disclosure – Help Me Lose My Mind. Show must go on :)
And finally, tell us one interesting fact about yourself. I love to travel and explore and by the age of 24 I have lived and worked in four different countries on two different continents, and I am already thinking where to move next. I really love drawing and have been doing this for as long as I remember.

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