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With our Research and Evaluation Training, you can learn to make better-informed decisions about teaching and learning, give your interventions the best chance of success, and be able to answer the question: “did they work?”

How can we help?

As Baroness Estelle Morris writes in this piece in The Guardian, “If teachers are to make wise decisions, they will need access to the very best evidence on what has already been proven to work, and they will need to be confident about the accuracy of that information.” At Evidence Based Education, we are of the very same mind.

Too often, and for too long, decisions throughout the education system have been taken “on a hunch”, or have been swayed by a slick marketing pitch with flimsy research.

We believe teachers, school leaders and policy-makers should have the tools to cut through those snake-oil sales pitches. You should be able to access and interpret the evidence to make best-bet decisions for your pupils, giving them the best chance of success.

And, equally importantly, when you implement a change, or an intervention, how do you know whether it has had a positive impact? Should you continue with it?

Our Research and Evaluation Training comes in different forms, and because every school setting is different, none of them are quite the same! You can scroll down for more information, but first, read what Alex Quigley has to say about our work, after we designed and implemented the EEF-funded RISE Project with him at Huntington School, York:

  • Evidence Based Education was an indispensable part of our project team, be it supporting school leaders to undertake ‘best bet’ interventions, or helping teachers improve their pedagogy and impact by accessing the best of educational research.With a breadth of expertise in educational research, ‘best bet’ interventions, assessment and evaluation, EBE is an ideal candidate to support school improvement, and one which I would unreservedly recommend to you.

    Alex Quigley
    Alex Quigley Huntington School
Research Support Partnership
Want your staff to make better-informed, best-bet decisions for your pupils? Want to evaluate whether those decisions made a positive impact?
We expect that our doctors base their work on an understanding of the best available evidence of what works in treating illness and injury. When the future of your pupils is at stake, why shouldn't the same bar be set for teachers around the world? Read more about how we can help.
Bid Evaluations
Need an evaluation conducting for an SSIF or TLIF bid? Need to know whether an intervention has worked? Our pragmatic team of experts is the place to start.
We have considerable expertise in conducting evaluations as well as training you to conduct them. Our team of experts recently acted as independent evaluator for a DfE-funded project to investigate impact of school-based innovations to reduce teacher workload, and have experience with SSIF and TLIF bids too.
Exciting Projects
We're also working on a number of exciting projects to help teachers and school leaders engage with, and improve their skills in research and evaluation.
While we can't say too much more about these exciting developments, you can be the first to hear about them. By signing up to our mailing list, you'll receive some useful resources to help you become more evidence-based, as well as first-hand news of our upcoming projects. Who knows, you may even get to help us trial them!

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