Retrieval Practice and the Model for Great Teaching

In this webinar, Kate will provide a practical overview of retrieval practice as a learning strategy, and explore where and how it can support elements from the Model for Great Teaching.

  1.  What does the research tell us about retrieval practice?
  2.  Why is at an effective learning strategy?
  3.  What does it look like in the classroom?
  4.  Where might we go wrong?
  5.  Where and how can retrieval practice support elements of the Model for Great Teaching?

Suitable for primary and secondary schools.

About Kate:

Kate is a teacher of Humanities, History and Politics who has held department and school leadership roles. She taught in the UK before a spell in the UAE, recently returning to her native Wales. Kate is author of six books and has two more on the way! She is also a regular contributor to publications such as the TES, a conference speaker, podcast host and an ambassador for the children’s charity Winston’s Wish.

Kate is joining Evidence Based Education in September as Senior Associate for Teaching and Learning.

The event costs £42, or free if you are a subscriber to the Great Teaching Toolkit – speak to your coordinator to find out how to book!

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