The Great Teaching Toolkit: Personalised teacher CPD

Save time and money, and improve teaching and learning for the long term

Unsure whether your CPD approach is improving teaching and learning? Not any more. Trusted by more than 14,000 teachers around the world, the Great Teaching Toolkit is an evidence-based, end-to-end teacher CPD package that helps great teachers and schools become even greater.

  • Get actionable feedback on teaching and learning to inform priorities
  • Build collaboration with our efficient and effective peer coaching model
  • Access courses and 500+ resources around the Model for Great Teaching
  • Improve teaching in a sustained, sustainable and evidence-based way
  • Bundles from 1 to 1,000+ staff

Julie Deville

Group Coordinator, Extol Trust

Blown away with the professional dialogue today across Extol Trust regarding our understanding of great teaching… this is our Golden Thread.”

Chris Baker

Leader of Professional Development, Cabot Learning Federation

The student surveys provided me with such a useful insight into my teaching, and one that I had not been able to collect before.

Julia Armstrong

Coordinator, Kellett School

Engaging teachers in the conversation about what great teaching looks like can be transformative.”

Personalised development pathways for every teacher

Evidence-based, sustained and sustainable teacher CPD with a clear, long-term structure

The foundation for sustained and sustainable school improvement

  • Ground school improvement in the evidence. No fads, no passing trends. Focus on the things proven to improve teaching and learning, and school leadership.
  • Develop a common language across teachers, teaching assistants and school leaders, with a ready-made inset pack.
  • Build knowledge with a suite of courses and programmes, and access more than 500 resources tagged around the Model for Great Teaching.

A set of tools to develop great teaching in every context

  • Act based on robust feedback with our student surveys. Identify the highest-leverage areas for improvement, and celebrate where great teaching is already happening.
  • Facilitate peer coaching and collaboration with our scaffolded model to work across teams, phases, departments and even schools.
  • Support and improve existing processes with a rubric for lesson observation, and an integrated video observation tool.

Make visible improvements to the quality of teaching and learning

  • Grow your CPD Passport: log activities from inside and outside of the GTT, and highlight your CPD journey over time.
  • Aggregated monitoring and feedback data to make reporting and inspection seamless. Easily showcase time invested in CPD at a school level, and the resulting improvements to teaching and learning.
  • Actionable school leadership feedback to identify school improvement priorities for leaders, as well as for individual teachers.

Find out how the Great Teaching Toolkit will benefit you and your colleagues

Book a 30-minute demo where we’ll learn more about your context, demo the Great Teaching Toolkit platform to answer any questions, and discuss how others in similar positions have used the Great Teaching Toolkit to develop and showcase great teaching.

What do others have to say?

How much does it cost?

You can explore the Great Teaching Toolkit for free with a Starter account here – this gives you a flavour for the courses and programmes on offer, and access to the student surveys for yourself as an individual. To take advantage of all the GTT’s benefits, we have three plans.

The Great Teaching Toolkit: world-class teacher CPD

Individual licence

  • Full-feature access to the Great Teaching Toolkit, without the School Environment and Leadership Feedback Tool
  • Also no aggregated school-level data included
  • Ideal for just one teacher looking for a sustained CPD approach

£299 (excl. VAT) per year

The Great Teaching Toolkit: world-class teacher CPD

Whole-school or -college access

  • All features in the GTT for <10 to 150 staff
  • Includes access to the new School Environment and Leadership feedback tool
  • School-level aggregated feedback and oversight of whole-staff CPD Passport for monitoring

Banded pricing, from £49 to £199 (excl. VAT) per teacher per year

The Great Teaching Toolkit: world-class teacher CPD

Group / MAT licence

  • Whole-school access to the Great Teaching Toolkit for as many staff across as many schools required
  • Group admin has overview of school-level data for oversight and support, as well as the ability to manage schools and increase/decrease licences in each

Group discounts apply for central bookings