Here’s what some recent clients have to say about their Evidence Based Education experience.

You can read their case studies and testimonials below, and for ease of navigation, we’ve split them into four parts: CEM data training, assessment training, research and evaluation training, and other consultancy.

CEM Data Training

The International School of Geneva (Ecolint)

The Ecolint-Evidence Based Education partnership began over tea in January 2017. Since then, our team has visited Geneva several times, offering training in CEM data analysis throughout a Foundation consisting of three campuses, eight schools and 4,500 students. As well as this, we’ve supplemented in-person training with our online bank of resources, and we conducted a full Foundation-wide data audit to analyse existing data and seek trends and outliers on a macro and a micro level.

Despite the fact that Ecolint had been using CEM evaluations for a number of years, many teachers were, by their own admission, still uncomfortable with data analysis when the partnership began.

Here’s what Director of Education, Karen Taylor, had to say:

  • With their open, frank and enthusiastic demeanor, and their substantive, purposeful and clear explanations, the Evidence Based Education team has been able to move our institution forward by deepening our understanding of the ways in which assessment and data can be used to improve student learning.These are truly dedicated and passionate educators who speak to the concerns and needs of classroom instructors as well as leadership teams. In a world that increasingly demands rigorous analysis of student results, there is no team better able to assist schools in effectively undertaking that work while focusing on what is essential - the student experience in the classroom and the professional integrity of teachers.At Ecolint, we now consider our relationship with Evidence Based Education to be a given, as we look to new ways to innovate and build upon our highly fruitful connection.

    Karen Taylor
    Karen Taylor The International School of Geneva

This partnership is one which is set to continue, and Ecolint staff have already begun to build on the foundations mentioned above. We have had one of their leadership team visit us for the Assessment Academy Residential course in August 2017, and two of their staff are currently on their way through the online Assessment Lead Programme.

These are the first steps in a journey towards an effective and efficient assessment system and, on a wider scale, evidence-based education, and we will continue to support and guide the Ecolint team in their future endeavours.

Below is a selection of more testimonials from other schools and organisations we’ve worked with on CEM assessment data.

  • The training met all of the required outcomes we stated when organising, and we were very happy with the mode of training. We will look into Evidence Based Education’s video packages next year as a method of disseminating key learning.

    Andrew Kyle
    Andrew Kyle Chetham's School of Music
  • Thanks again for the training which was superb. We have already begun discussions about how to use the data and what to share and when.

    Chris Caves
    Chris Caves Chinese International School
  • Thank you for visiting to deliver such an informative and helpful presentation on CEM assessments.  You were extremely clear and answered all the questions with confidence to win over the audience. You even managed to inject a bit of humour that kept us engaged on a Friday afternoon!

    Nick Waite Principal
  • Thanks so much for the training - it was fantastic to be able to tailor the experience to exactly what we wanted and needed - the use of our own data added another dimension that enhanced the experience further.

    Michael Relf
    Michael Relf IB Diploma Coordinator
  • EBE’s training sessions were appropriately pitched and paced, providing a level of information which inspired confidence and excitement about the feedback on our own students.

    Janet Florey
    Janet Florey St George's British School, Madrid
  • After signing up for a Pro package, we found the videos accessible and easy to understand. The customer support experienced so far has also been excellent; the team is quick to reply and friendly, yet maintains a professional touch.

    Marcos Ioannou
    Marcos Ioannou St. Columba's College
  • Evidence Based Education’s training was absolutely brilliant, quickly disarming a partially sceptical audience with great humour and then explaining everything with exceptional clarity.

    Jon Tyler
    Jon Tyler Dauntsey's School
  • Thank you so very much for the engaging and inspirational INSET session that you gave for our staff.  The feedback was resoundingly positive, both in terms of your content and in terms of your delivery style.

    Karen Gracie-Langrick
    Karen Gracie-Langrick Deputy Head

For more information, visit our CEM data training webpage, or use the contact form to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

Assessment Training

Oshwal Academy, Kenya

Bringing research evidence and evaluation techniques for the improvement of teaching and learning to a total population of 3,600 students and 320 staff across five campuses in two cities in Africa is no easy job… Our relationship with Oshwal Academy began when our Director of Education, Stuart Kime, was working at Durham University. He developed a weekend of training for all Oshwal staff in February 2015 – this was a huge success. The staff were particularly appreciative of his style, knowledge, ease in dealing with tricky questions, and his firmness in supporting the Governors in evidence-based teaching and learning.

This relationship has since developed; we visited Africa again in June 2016, to audit and evaluate what has been achieved, and to support the academies in what still needed to be done.

The final piece in the jigsaw was Oshwal sending five key members of staff on our Assessment Lead Residential course, where they learned the fundamentals of good assessment practice, and were equipped with the tools and skills to take that back in to school and develop an effective evidence-based school education system.

  • Our staff, both in Nairobi and Mombasa, have been particularly appreciative of EBE’s style, knowledge, ease in dealing with tricky questions, and their firmness in supporting the Governors in evidence-based teaching and learning.

    Peter Barton
    Peter Barton Oshwal Academy

Below is a selection of more testimonials from other schools and organisations we’ve worked with, both through our Assessment Lead Programme, and more widely with general assessment training and consultancy.

  • The Assessment Lead Programme was easily one of the most difficult courses I have been on. However, I can tell you with 100% certainty that it has been the best. Thank you to the entire Evidence Based Education team, for your relentless drive towards revolutionising CPD and your work in leading the quest for evidence-based practice in education. Awesome.

    Okeyinfu Dimowo-Ajayi
    Okeyinfu Dimowo-Ajayi Busyminds Center
  • We have gone through ALP, and the programme has really opened my eyes. I’m now rereading the content for the third or fourth time, we're hoping to put more staff on future cohorts, and it is absolutely the right thing for all schools to do.

    Anthony Varela
    Anthony Varela St Mary's Colchester
  • With their open, frank and enthusiastic demeanor, and their substantive, purposeful and clear explanations, the Evidence Based Education team has been able to move our institution forward by deepening our understanding of the ways in which assessment and data can be used to improve student learning.

    Karen Taylor
    Karen Taylor The International School of Geneva
  • We have completed the first three sections of the Assessment Lead Programme and are really enjoying it! It is really clear and I like the fact that it is drip feeding me the information through smaller sections. It is also great to have the ideas founded on reliable research and peer-reviewed articles.

    Thomas Kimber
    Thomas Kimber British International School of Kuala Lumpur
  • Before the Assessment Lead Programme, I thought I knew assessment, but I didn't. Put simply, without good assessment, you cannot have good teaching and learning.

    Janice Allen
    Janice Allen Falinge Park High School
  • The residential included excellent content with really knowledgeable people delivering the sessions; their enthusiasm was infectious. Excellent value!

    Susan Robson
    Susan Robson Our Lady's Abingdon
  • Thank you so much for your work on the Assessment Lead Programme - it is superb. I love the content and form; you have created a fantastic course!

    Phil Stock
    Phil Stock Greenshaw High School
  • Schools desperately need this kind of clear guidance to question the how and the what of their assessment practices.Lots of areas of my direct work will be affected by the Assessment Lead Programme, including pedagogy and supporting schools with learning, curriculum design and questioning their assessment practices.

    Suzanne O'Farrell
    Suzanne O'Farrell Association of School and College Leaders

Research and Evaluation Training

rise project eef

Huntington School, York

EBE worked with Huntington School to devise, lead and deliver their national RISE (Research-leads Improving Students’ Education) Education Endowment Foundation project to help schools improve in an evidence-informed manner. We worked together, over three years, training school leaders and supporting teachers in making research evidence both accessible and usable.

  • Evidence Based Education was an indispensable part of our project team, be it supporting school leaders to undertake ‘best bet’ interventions, or helping teachers improve their pedagogy and impact by accessing the best of educational research.With a breadth of expertise in educational research, ‘best bet’ interventions, assessment and evaluation, EBE is an ideal candidate to support school improvement, and one which I would unreservedly recommend to you.

    Alex Quigley
    Alex Quigley Huntington School

Below is a selection of more testimonials from other schools and organisations we’ve worked with to help integrate research into practice.

  • The EBE Team, led by Stuart Kime, has played an invaluable role in the establishment of the Research School network. Their background, working in both research and practice, has enabled them to provide first-rate support to Research Schools across the country in understanding the value of evidence in school improvement. The EEF first contracted Stuart in 2013 to help develop tools and resources to support school leaders in conducting evaluations. Since then, both he and EBE have acted as developer, consultant and training provider for the EEF and Research Schools network, delivering exemplary support and expertise.

    James Richardson
    James Richardson Education Endowment Foundation
  • “I felt I learned a lot. In hindsight I had very little understanding of the theory behind my II, and this session really helped clarify the need to be able to evaluate impact. It also taught me to question why we do things at school – not just to accept ‘because we always have’!”

    Event Participant Future Leaders Trust
  • “Really great session on making II (impact initiative) specific and measurable. Great ideas on how to use evidence in schools to drive and evaluate improvements”

    Event Participant Future Leaders Trust
  • Brilliant speakers; both were very passionate about their subject and knew what they were talking about. Made me really think about an area I have always struggled in: how to measure impact.”

    Event Participant Future Leaders Trust
  • “Scratched under the surface of research… Some really interesting ideas to take back.”

    Event Participant Future Leaders Trust
  • The real talent of the innovative thinkers at EBE is to draw together and challenge teachers, researchers and policy-makers in their work on evidence-based education.

    Prof. Ulrich Trautwein
    Prof. Ulrich Trautwein University of Tübingen
  • We consider ourselves very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Stuart and the EBE team; they have the rare combination of incredible knowledge in their field, and excellent presentation skills.

    Ffion Eaton
    Ffion Eaton Cheshire Vale TSA

For more information and further case studies, visit our Research Engagement page, or use the contact form to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

Miscellaneous Education Consultancy

Leicester High School for Girls

EBE acted as consultants to the Leadership Team at Leicester High School in developing their use of quantitative data for school improvement strategy.

  • In short, the team at Evidence Based Education is adaptable and can, very quickly, tweak the brief as requirements develop. Their ability to work closely with colleagues is exceptional; they have a deep understanding of the life of a teacher.They have vision and understand strategy. They are able to explain very succinctly what strategy is to those of all abilities, and with varied experiences, and can demonstrate how to put it in to practice.They have the ability to evaluate and piece together evidence to build the whole picture very quickly indeed.They are pragmatic, always remaining rooted in what is possible, given the circumstances.They are adaptable and remain open to new ideas. This means that they can, very quickly, tweak the brief as requirements develop.They are warm and engaging, but not afraid to be controversial when appropriate.And, finally, they are highly reliable and trustworthy.Quite simply, I could not recommend the EBE team highly enough!

    Alan Whelpdale
    Alan Whelpdale Leicester High School for Girls

For more information, use this contact form to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!


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