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Over the last year, Evidence Based Education and Suffolk County Council have been working in partnership to deliver a robust, cost-effective and enjoyable Research Support Partnership (RSP) programme to train staff from schools and academies throughout Suffolk. The aim of the programme has been to develop a network of capable Research Leads across the county. The training proved a real success among participants (even those who were sceptical at first!).


On the last day of training, I spoke to some of the participants to put together a digestible summary of what a participant or sponsor might expect from an RSP. I wanted to know how it challenges participants and, ultimately, how it equips Research Leads to make better decisions with better information. Listen below to the short conversations with four members of the group.


First, I spoke to Maria Hough, who coordinated the programme and organised the group.


Here is one of the other participants, Andy Samways, who is also a Director of a Research School.


Eileen Allpress discusses the impact the programme had on her practice.


Louise Everitt is a school leader who took a lot from the programme.


Once we had returned to EBE HQ, I sat down with Stuart and spoke to him very briefly about how Suffolk was identified as a potential area for such a development, and what EBE bring to the partnership to support critical thinking and long term, sustainable change.


Although the initial RSP has now come to an end, we look forward to continuing our work in Suffolk in the future as they look to roll out the training.


For more about the Research Support Partnership, check out this webpage and contact us with your enquiry, or watch this video featuring our RSP work at Mulgrave School, Vancouver.

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