Our Values

Find out more about the values that drive us at Evidence Based Education. Gain insight into how we approach our work, and see how you can benefit from working with us.

To improve learner outcomes

The very core of our mission is “to improve learner outcomes, worldwide and for good”. All of our work, whether it is in delivering training to upskill teachers, designing useful tools, or conducting bespoke research and development, is focused on improving key educational outcomes around the world.

To reduce teacher workload

We are not about putting more and more on teachers’ plates. Our team is experienced in teaching and in school leadership, and we understand very keenly the pressures you face in those roles. We want to facilitate staff doing more with less, and that might mean stopping doing things that are ineffective or aren’t providing value for the time invested. Alternatively, it might mean us developing tools to automate certain tasks. This ensures that you have the time and space to work on the important stuff that really can impact on your learners.

To ensure accessibility and value

We are very committed to providing excellent-value professional development, tools and services, which aren’t limited to only those with huge budgets. In this time of financial pressure on schools and colleges, we are extremely conscious that every bit of money counts. As well as keeping prices as fair as possible and providing world-class services, we also consider all the on-costs of traditional modes of training, including travel, cover, missed teaching time, and more. We ensure nobody is excluded from working with Evidence Based Education on financial grounds, and you get great value for money when you do so.

To be evidence-based and responsible

We couldn’t call ourselves Evidence Based Education if we didn’t ensure all that we do takes into account the best available evidence. Far too often in education, decisions are taken on a hunch. Or, professional development is not structured well enough to facilitate learning and improvement. This is a lazy approach, and we feel it would be simply irresponsible for us to fall into those traps. We base all of our work around the Department for Education’s Standard for Teacher Professional Development (see here for an example). What’s more, we take a sustained partnership approach. We are not interested in one-off quick fixes which often merely paper over the cracks; rather, we work in a sustained, sustainable and substantial way – we ensure what we do is well thought-through as par for the course.

To be curious in our problem-solving approach

At Evidence Based Education, we take a creative and curious approach to problem-solving. The nature of education is that there are many, many factors at play – it is by no means a simple field to unpick, and no two contexts are the same. We take the time to understand your context, to help you identify the most pressing priorities, and to guide and support you in working towards a solution.

To seek continuous improvement

In our office, we thrive on a sense of professional challenge. We aren’t afraid to ask tough questions of, or to give constructive feedback to, one another – seeking marginal gains helps us improve. That culture of openness extends to our work with you, too. We enjoy being challenged, and we are upfront about saying we may pose challenges to you, whether it be in learning tricky new concepts or in challenging existing practice. Working in this way creates a real sense of partnership and trust.

To design with you in mind

It’s not our style to deliver things which are great-quality and robust in content, but which look and feel cheap, or are hard to use. We design everything – our programmes, platforms, etc. – with you, the user, in mind. It’s about far more than sticking a set of resources or PowerPoint slides online. This user-centred design approach feeds perfectly into our next value…

To focus on implementation

We think through intended outcomes, and have a keen focus on implementation. We constantly ask ourselves: what are the desired actions for teachers and organisations to take – or changes to implement – after engaging with Evidence Based Education? Then, we work back from there and structure everything around those aims. Ignio, a partner organisation of ours, is packed full of expertise in this area, and we work with them day in, day out, to ensure we maximise impact where it matters.

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