About Evidence Based Education

Here at Evidence Based Education, we combine years of experience in teaching and school leadership, in conducting research into educational leadership and evaluation, and in policy advice to the UK Government’s Department for Education.

This rare combination allows us to take an objective view on effective uses of evidence in education, while also developing pragmatic, thought-provoking training courses, designed specifically for the complex professional lives of teachers and school leaders (lives we have lived).

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  • Prof Stuart Kime
    Prof Stuart Kime Director of Education

    Stuart is a qualified teacher who spent ten years teaching English and Drama in secondary schools, as well as the odd Classics lesson. His interest in research focuses on assessment, teachers’ professional learning, and evaluation. At EBE, he is responsible for the design and delivery of all online and blended learning programmes, including the online Assessment Lead Programme.

    Stuart is the author of the EEF’s Assessing and Monitoring Pupil Progress Guide, and co-author of the EEF’s DIY Evaluation Guide. He also wrote the National Toolkit of Common Evaluation Standards for Policing in the UK.

    Stuart is a Visiting International Professor in the Hector Research Institute for Education Sciences and Psychology at the Eberhard Karls University, Tübingen, and an Honorary Professor in the School of Education at Durham University.

    Stuart formerly held a Policy Fellow post in the UK Government’s Department for Education.

  • Jack Deverson
    Jack Deverson Managing Director

    Jack is the Managing Director of EBE. It is his responsibility to ensure that the business runs smoothly and efficiently, and he manages the finance and business development sides of the company; as well as this, he delivers some of our CEM training engagements

    Jack has a First in Chinese and German from Newcastle University. He was awarded The Newcastle University Prize for Excellence in Chinese for his final year’s studies and also holds awards for languages from the University of Hainan, China. Jack is a Mentor at Hatfield College, Durham University and a member of the Senior Common Room; he also holds national representative honours in two sports: rowing and bowls.

  • Ciaran Melvin
    Ciaran Melvin IT Officer

    Ciaran is our resident in-house IT whiz. He is studying for an apprenticeship at New College Durham and is adept at resolving all internal and external tech issues here at EBE – an indispensable part of the team!

    • C.J. Rauch
      C.J. Rauch Head of Teaching and Learning

      As Head of Teaching and Learning, C.J. works on the trainings that EBE provides. He taught history at a secondary state school in his home state of New Jersey before moving to the UK to undertake a masters. He is currently completing his PhD in education; his research explores teacher education and teaching beliefs. C.J. has also taught undergraduate educational psychology and worked in education project evaluation.

      • Jessica Blakey
        Jessica Blakey Head of Assessment

        As Head of Assessment, Jessica develops our Assessment Academy. Jessica’s responsibilities include ensuring that the research in our programmes is cutting-edge and that teachers are well supported in their learning. Her interest in research is motivated by placing students at the heart of practice and making research accessible in the classroom. She is studying Educational Leadership MA at Warwick University, and volunteers as a mentor to support young people with their career choices in her spare time.

        • Rob Coe
          Rob Coe Director of Research and Development

          Rob Coe joined EBE in February 2019 from his role as Professor in the School of Education at Durham University. In 1999, Rob wrote the Manifesto for Evidence-Based Education, a document which inspired us to set up EBE, and continues to shape the work we do, 20 years on. He was a member of the Sykes Review of Assessment, the Department for Education’s (UK Government) commission on assessment without levels,  and is currently a member of Ofqual’s Standards Advisory Group, as well as the DfE’s Teachers’ Professional Development Expert Group.

          • Steph Ball
            Steph Ball Customer Engagement Officer

            As our Customer Engagement Officer, Steph is responsible for being the first point of contact with all current and prospective clients. As well as managing our social media and support channels, she also works with the team on communications and marketing strategies.

            • Alex Turnbull
              Alex Turnbull Customer Relationship Manager

              Alex is our Customer Relationship Manager, and is responsible for much of the contact with prospective and existing customers. He has specific responsibility for the Assessment Lead Programme, though works across the whole range of EBE’s services.

              • Matt McGinlay
                Matt McGinlay CEM Training Manager

                Matt manages our partnership with the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring at Durham University, and manages and delivers all CEM training engagements on behalf of EBE.

              • Jamie Scott
                Jamie Scott Director of Partnerships

                Jamie is our Director of Partnerships. He makes sure all existing partners remain happy, and is also external-facing – he manages new relationships and is in charge of development of the organisation.

              • Allyson Deverson
                Allyson Deverson Office Manager

                With a degree in Business Law, and two decades’ experience working in both customer-facing and administrative roles within the security print industry, Allyson is well-equipped for the task of managing EBE’s administration. It is her responsibility to ensure that everyone is in the right place at the right time!

                Evidence Based Education is trusted by the world’s top universities, schools and companies…

                • We have completed the first three sections of the Assessment Lead Programme and are really enjoying it! It is really clear and I like the fact that it is drip feeding me the information through smaller sections. It is also great to have the ideas founded on reliable research and peer-reviewed articles.

                  Thomas Kimber
                  Thomas Kimber British International School of Kuala Lumpur
                • With their open, frank and enthusiastic demeanor, and their substantive, purposeful and clear explanations, the Evidence Based Education team has been able to move our institution forward by deepening our understanding of the ways in which assessment and data can be used to improve student learning.

                  Karen Taylor
                  Karen Taylor The International School of Geneva
                • The Assessment Lead Programme was easily one of the most difficult courses I have been on. However, I can tell you with 100% certainty that it has been the best. Thank you to the entire Evidence Based Education team, for your relentless drive towards revolutionising CPD and your work in leading the quest for evidence-based practice in education. Awesome.

                  Okeyinfu Dimowo-Ajayi
                  Okeyinfu Dimowo-Ajayi Busyminds Center
                • Evidence Based Education was an indispensable part of our project team, be it supporting school leaders to undertake ‘best bet’ interventions, or helping teachers improve their pedagogy and impact by accessing the best of educational research.With a breadth of expertise in educational research, ‘best bet’ interventions, assessment and evaluation, EBE is an ideal candidate to support school improvement, and one which I would unreservedly recommend to you.

                  Alex Quigley
                  Alex Quigley Huntington School
                • Thank you so much for your work on the Assessment Lead Programme - it is superb. I love the content and form; you have created a fantastic course!

                  Phil Stock
                  Phil Stock Greenshaw High School

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