The Great Teaching Toolkit: Theory of Change

Our Theory of Change

The Great Teaching Toolkit is designed to develop teacher expertise. In the ‘Theory of Change’ paper, Professor Rob Coe sets out why we designed the Great Teaching Toolkit as we have, what choices we made and the evidence that underpins them.

Professor Rob Coe:

  • Presents a rationale for prioritising professional learning in schools.
  • Explains what we mean by teacher expertise and where the focus should lie.
  • Provides a rationale for why a coaching model that is based on reciprocal coaching in collaborative groups is more favourable that an ‘instructional coaching’ model.
  • Explores the role of quality feedback as the key to helping complex systems (like classrooms and schools) improve themselves.

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Professional learning opportunities

Raising the quality of teaching within schools is likely the single most effective method we have for improving student attainment and equity.

Find out how the Great Teaching Toolkit can support this in your school or context, and how you can implement our Theory of Change.

Additional resources

The resources available on this page come from the Great Teaching Toolkit: Evidence Review. They include:

  • The Model for Great Teaching
  • Posters for each Dimension for Great Teaching

These free downloads are intended to help spark professional conversations in schools and colleges throughout the world about the elements of great teaching.