Our core belief is that good evidence is a fundamental component of high-quality teaching and learning. We bridge the gaps between policy, research and practice.

We are Evidence Based Education.

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What do we do?

Here at Evidence Based Education, we work at all levels of the system to provide training on key areas of education, including research use, evaluation and assessment.

The fundamental aim of all of our work is to help those in education make better-informed decisions. We support evidence-based school improvement, and so it makes sense that each of our strands of work fits neatly into the Education Endowment Foundation’s School Improvement Cycle.

With years of expertise in teaching, school leadership and policy-making, we have a deep knowledge of these roles and the challenges that come with them. As such, all of our training and consultancy work is pragmatic, and focused on the practicalities of what can realistically be achieved.

By working with us, you’ll receive the tools, training and support to help you make better-informed decisions, with the ultimate goal of improving pupil outcomes.

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Quality assessment practice is a tool for learning. From more reliable assessment information can come better decisions, more refined judgements, and better outcomes.
Our Assessment Lead Programme is an innovative, flexible and evidence-based programme. It supports you and your colleagues to design, use and analyse assessment more effectively and confidently to understand pupil progress and to inform next steps in their learning.
CEM Data
We provide cost-effective, sustainable training for your whole staff on CEM assessments (eg. InCAS, MidYIS and ALIS) and their data.
You already have robust, world-class data in the palm of your hand. But how do you know that you're getting maximum value and using it to its full potential? Enjoy cost-effective, responsive and flexible training through our blended support packages; have us deliver an in-school training session; or come to one of our workshops, to harness the full power of the data.
Research and Evaluation
When you have good baseline information, or high-quality research evidence, available to you, what do you do next to make sure your decisions are the best possible ones for your pupils?
We create and deliver bespoke training programmes for individual schools, alliances and groups, which provide the knowledge, skills and tools to use research evidence and evaluation techniques to make better-informed decisions. The aim is improved teaching and learning, and thus better pupil outcomes.

We also have considerable expertise in conducting evaluations as well as training on them, having acted as independent evaluator for a DfE-funded project to investigate impact of school-based innovations to reduce teacher workload.

Moreover, we are also engaged in other school improvement consultancy. So, if the service you’d like is a bespoke one, not listed here, contact us; we’ll be happy to take your enquiry.


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