Our approach to great teacher CPD

Hear from Professor Rob Coe on why we have built the Great Teaching Toolkit in the way that we have to support teacher professional learning, and why it is trusted by more than 14,000 teachers as the best bet for sustained and sustainable teacher improvement. Below, you can read Rob’s thoughts on:

  • Teacher collaboration
  • Professional development time in schools
  • Instructional coaching
  • Teacher knowledge, skill and judgement
  • High-quality feedback

A whole-staff approach to improving teaching and learning

Research shows that there are key things that teachers know and do that make the biggest difference to student outcomes (and you can read more about them in our Great Teaching Toolkit: Evidence Review here).

The GTT is anchored firmly in these 17 Elements of Great Teaching, so by doing anything within the platform, you and your staff can be sure you are taking a best-bet approach to teacher CPD. It is also designed with the evidence on learning, and best-practice approaches to teacher CPD in mind.

It ensures that teachers have autonomy and ownership over their professional learning, and helps to:

  • Develop a common language across teachers, teaching assistants and school leaders.
  • Improve teaching in a sustained, sustainable and evidence-based way.
  • Showcase the quality of teaching and learning across your staff.
Our approach to great teacher CPD
Teacher CPD: a launch day with 30 schools across Enquire Learning Trust

Read Prof Rob Coe’s thoughts

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