In short, when you work with, you receive impartial and up-to-date advice on how to use research evidence in your school, clear and honest feedback from trained researchers and teachers, and concrete guidance on how to make evidence-based, contextualised school improvement decisions. We’re backed by an Advisory Board, the members of which ensure that we remain true to our mission.

We believe that high-quality evidence should be at the heart of decision-making in education, just as high-quality food should be at the heart of a healthy diet. Increasingly, we want to know where our food has come from, who grew it, how it was grown, and what processing has been done to it. Applying the same approach to the evidence we ‘consume’ in education can be a fruitful way forward.

We have a unique set of skills from our work in teaching, school leadership, policy advice at the UK Government’s Department for Education, and research at Durham University. This rare combination of expertise has allowed us to develop networks and partnerships with institutions around the world, and we work with anyone wanting to integrate evidence into their work in education: teachers, schools, universities, technology startups, and governments. You can read more about us here, and read what people say about our work here.

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