Assessment Lead Programme

“The best CPD we’ve ever had!” – programme participant

Whole-school impact

Flexible learning, to fit around your timetable

No travel or cover costs

What is the Assessment Lead Programme?

The Assessment Lead Programme offers one year’s sustained professional development and support, to schools, academies and colleges seeking to make their assessment approach more efficient.

The programme enables education professionals to make their assessment approach more efficient, allowing them to make more reliable judgements about what pupils know, can do and need next.

By generating and using higher quality information on pupil learning, and better integrating assessment with curriculum and pedagogy, teaching can be more responsive to pupil needs.

At a glance

  • Online programme

  • 50 hours of CPD

  • 1-2 hours per week

  • £1,200

  • Minimum of 2 staff

What’s the format?

The programme is flexible, but structured and well-supported. You will enjoy:

  • 50 hours of professional learning aligned with the best available evidence, delivered through our very own innovative and acclaimed online learning platform
  • Tools and resources to guide, support and implement change
  • Structured collaboration and support – you are not alone!
  • The real learning takes place in school context: practice opportunities to scaffold learning – guiding you through the whole process
  • Examples from schools working through the everyday practicalities of implementing an integrated assessment system

Free two-hour webinar for all school staff

The programme starts with an introductory two-hour webinar – ‘What Makes Great Assessment’.

This covers the components of effective assessment, offers a practical overview of how to improve the quality of assessment in school and what you can expect from the Assessment Lead Programme. The webinar is appropriate for all teaching staff and all are welcome to join!

Staff enrolled on the programme then work through four modules:

Understanding Assessment

This module covers content including the value of assessment, defining learning, quality in assessment, purpose, validity, constructs, reliability, and fairness in assessment.

It will give you a robust understanding of key assessment concepts, including our four pillars of assessment, and will lay firm foundations for the practical design and analysis work of modules 2 and 3.

Designing Assessment

This module covers content including how to design assessments for different purposes, design hinge questions for in-class formative use, and design multiple-choice assessments.

You will be guided through a practical and iterative process of designing and trialling assessments – both formative and summative – with your pupils. This will feed into module 3, when you will begin collaborating with your colleague(s) to analyse and improve them.

Analysing Assessment

This module covers content including how to analyse assessment data and fine-tune questions to improve formative and summative assessments that are demonstrably reliable in supporting curriculum planning and tracking progress.

You will use reliability calculator tools to demonstrate how effective home-grown and bought-in assessments are, as well as being able to improve them using your knowledge from modules 1 and 2.

Leading Assessment

This module covers content including how to lead and improve assessment practice across school, from roles and responsibilities to developing an evidence-based school assessment system and policy.

You will begin creating an evidence-based school assessment system, beginning to improve policy and practice across your whole staff.


£1,200 for a year for an institution (all prices ex. VAT). This includes:

  1. Two-hour ‘What Makes Great Assessment?’ webinar (open to all school staff).
  2. Two places on the programme. We insist on a minimum of two, because professional development has more impact when people collaborate and support each other!
  3. Tools and resources to help apply your learning.

Additional places on the programme are £500 per person; however we are currently offering a third place for only £300 or 5 places for a total of £2,200!

For bookings of more than 9 staff please contact us directly.

Book your place now

The course will start on January 23rd 2019 – make sure you book your place before the 16th January, you can do so by clicking here…


Whom is the programme open to?

Any English-medium primary or secondary school, or FE College that is committed to improving their use of assessment as a tool to support teaching and learning.

Whom should I put on the course?

The school’s senior leader responsible for assessment, plus one middle leader for the initial two places. Additional places can be taken by anyone in school.

Are there set times a week to complete the work?

The Assessment Lead Programme is designed to work around your timetable and at times that suit you. The course is approximately 50 hours, but it is not an even split between lessons and modules, on average it might be one-to-two hours per week. However, we have received really positive feedback about the flexibility of the course structure in that our participants found it incredibly beneficial, especially during the busier periods of the school calendar, to have the option of completing an hour of the course on a Friday afternoon when they had time, as opposed to first thing on a Monday morning, for example.

Is the work done at home or in school?

There are elements of the programme that can be done at home, however the real work and learning is predominately done in school; applying the theory and knowledge to your individual context, using the resources and working with colleagues to design and refine your assessments.

Feedback and testimonials

  • We have completed the first three sections of the Assessment Lead Programme and are really enjoying it! It is really clear and I like the fact that it is drip feeding me the information through smaller sections. It is also great to have the ideas founded on reliable research and peer-reviewed articles.

    Thomas Kimber
    Thomas Kimber British International School of Kuala Lumpur
  • Schools desperately need this kind of clear guidance to question the how and the what of their assessment practices.Lots of areas of my direct work will be affected by the Assessment Lead Programme, including pedagogy and supporting schools with learning, curriculum design and questioning their assessment practices.

    Suzanne O'Farrell
    Suzanne O'Farrell Association of School and College Leaders
  • With their open, frank and enthusiastic demeanor, and their substantive, purposeful and clear explanations, the Evidence Based Education team has been able to move our institution forward by deepening our understanding of the ways in which assessment and data can be used to improve student learning.

    Karen Taylor
    Karen Taylor The International School of Geneva
  • Thank you so much for your work on the Assessment Lead Programme - it is superb. I love the content and form; you have created a fantastic course!

    Phil Stock
    Phil Stock Greenshaw High School
  • Before the Assessment Lead Programme, I thought I knew assessment, but I didn't. Put simply, without good assessment, you cannot have good teaching and learning.

    Janice Allen
    Janice Allen Falinge Park High School

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