Teacher collaboration: Episode 4

This podcast is the fourth installment in our miniseries on teacher collaboration, in partnership with Dulwich College International. Over what has possibly been the most challenging year ever, we’ve followed the journey of teachers and leaders as they seek to enhance collaboration across their family of schools, against the backdrop of a global pandemic!

We started out in episode one by meeting collaborations leads, the people responsible for coordinating subject and specialist groups.  We talked to them about their aims and explored the idea of problem identification as mechanism to kickstart a collaboration project.

Then, in episode two, John Hattie and Dylan William gave quite different perspectives on the idea of collective teacher efficacy and collaboration more broadly.

In episode three we heard from Dr. Jenni Donohoo and Cat Scutt on the culture and conditions of effective collaboration.

Finally, in this episode, we return to collaboration leads to find out what they got up to. Hear about the challenges, the successes and their advice for building and running a collaboration group.


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