“The Elephant in the Room” – a podcast

On Saturday 30th June, the International School of Geneva Institute of Learning and Teaching hosted the inaugural Research Informed Practice In Education (RIPE) conference in Geneva.  EBE Directors, Stuart and Jack, were in attendance as part of the organising committee and to present their session – The Elephant In The Room – which you can listen to via the player on this page or download to your device.

In The Elephant in the Room session they suggest that the success and failure of increases and refinements in evidence-based practices in education systems depends, to a large extent, on improvements in the understanding and practice of effective implementation. They discuss the importance of implementation when adopting and enacting research-based interventions and professional development. In the presentation they draw upon examples from behavioural Science, the theoretical framework for implementation developed by the Education Endowment Foundation and examples from the development and delivery of the Assessment Lead Programme.

The slides are downloadable here, which you can reference as you listen to the 15 minute presentation via the player below or as a podcast on iTunes and Android.


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