Professor Alan Castel on memory and aging

What does the evidence on learning, memory and aging tell us about how to keep our minds sharp and active as we grow older? How can physical activity improve cognitive function? Do we decline as we age, or simply change?

In the latest episode of The Evidence Based Education podcast, UCLA Psychology Professor Alan Castel talks to our Director of Education Stuart Kime about his new book, Better with Age, and offers practical tips for staying mentally sharp as the years pass.

We cover a wide range of fascinating and highly relevant topics, including metacognition, memory, cognitive load and teaching, and Alan offers deep insight from his years of research into this important subject.

Alan Castel’s book is available from all good booksellers, and can be very conveniently found on Book Depository here. [Ed.: No aspersion cast… no implication that Book Depository is not, indeed, a very fine bookseller!]

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