How can research help make classroom assessment manageable, meaningful & motivating?

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In preparation for his #UKEdResChat on 25/1/18, EBE Director of Education Stuart Kime pulled together a selection of useful research and assessment resources to support the discussion – How can research help make classroom assessment manageable, meaningful & motivating?


A downloadable summary of Alfie Kohn’s research – The effects of grading student’s work: click here

A downloadable summary (slightly adapted) of Henry Roediger’s research – Ten Benefits of Testing and Their Applications to Educational Practice (we highlight eight of the ten): click here

A downloadable summary of EBE’s ‘four pillars of great assessment’: click here

Joe Kirby’s blog post on assessment butterflies: click here

Ourania Venista’s blog post on ipsative assessment: click here

Chris Harrison’s blog post on the origins of AfL: click here

Lasting Learning’s selection of videos from Robert Bjork: click here

The EBE and Chartered College of Teaching ‘What makes great assessment’ ebook: click here

The Education Endowment Foundation’s Assessing and Monitoring Pupil Progress guide: click here

Comparative Judgement using the No More Marking engine: click here

ASCL’s blogs on the four ‘pillars’ of great assessment: click here

Alex Quigley’s blog on learning and assessment: click here

Daisy Christodoulou’s blog on the usefulness of tests: click here

Dan Koretz talking about what educational tests can really tell us: click here

Blake Harvard on the implementation of assessment for formative purposes: click here


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