The Great Teaching Toolkit: Access for schools and colleges

Raise the quality of teaching at your school or college with an evidence-based curriculum for teacher learning, courses and resources to enhance specific elements of Great Teaching practice, and tools and instruments to provide feedback for professional development over time.

  • Get actionable feedback to inform individual and school-wide priorities
  • Access courses, 500+ resources, techniques and more around the Model for Great Teaching
  • Build a common language and foster collaboration with peer coaching
  • Improve teaching at scale, in a sustained, sustainable and evidence-based way
  • Bundles from 10 to 100+ staff, starting from £49 per teacher per year

Great teachers, becoming even greater!

Great teachers know a lot about learning and how to make it happen. However, it seems common that the conditions that optimise student learning (a clear curriculum, formative information, feedback, opportunities for practice etc.) are often missing from teacher learning. Teachers deserve better.

Teachers matter more to student achievement than any other aspect of schooling, so the professional development of teachers should be the single biggest priority of every school or college.

The answer to the question ‘What can I best focus on to improve?’ is likely to be different for different teachers, and the Great Teaching Toolkit helps you answer this question on a whole-school level, while also supporting individual teachers to answer that same question for their own practice too.

Read more about our approach to teacher professional learning here, and scroll down to find out how the Great Teaching Toolkit will help you.

Personalised teacher development driving whole-school improvement

The foundation for sustained and sustainable school improvement

  • Ground school improvement in the evidence. No fads, no passing trends. Focus on the things proven to improve teaching and learning, and school leadership, and improve them for the long term.
  • Develop a common language across teachers, teaching assistants and school leaders, with a ready-made inset pack.
  • Build knowledge with a suite of courses and programmes, and access more than 500 resources tagged around the Model for Great Teaching.

A set of tools to put feedback at the heart of learning

  • Act based on robust feedback with our student surveys. Identify the highest-leverage areas for improvement, and celebrate where great teaching is already happening.
  • Facilitate peer coaching and collaboration with our scaffolded model to work across teams, phases, departments and even schools.
  • Support and improve existing processes with a rubric for lesson observation, and an integrated video observation tool.

Make visible improvements to the quality of teaching and learning

  • Grow your CPD Passport: log activities from inside and outside of the GTT, and highlight your CPD journey over time.
  • Aggregated monitoring and feedback data to make reporting and inspection seamless. Easily showcase time invested in CPD at a school level, and the resulting improvements to teaching and learning.
  • Actionable school leadership feedback to identify school improvement priorities for leaders, as well as for individual teachers.

Find out how the Great Teaching Toolkit will benefit you and your colleagues

Book a 30-minute demo where we’ll learn more about your context, demo the Great Teaching Toolkit platform to answer any questions, and discuss how others in similar positions have used the Great Teaching Toolkit to develop and showcase great teaching.

What courses and programmes are included?

The Toolkit includes teacher courses which relate directly to dimensions and elements of the Model for Great Teaching. Delivered online, our courses and programmes incorporate opportunities for collaboration with colleagues, as well as activities to plan, implement and evaluate pedagogical approaches in your context.

The foundation

All teachers should complete the Toolkit Foundation course: An evidence-based approach to great teaching. It serves as an orientation to the Toolkit and covers core science of learning concepts at the heart of the Model for Great Teaching.

Work on one thing at a time

The following selection of courses connects the most up-to-date research evidence on learning to practical classroom strategies, and then helps you to select and adapt individual teaching approaches to hone and use in your practice.

Each course consists of an eight-week study period, followed by an implementation cycle.

  • Creating a supportive environment
  • Maximising opportunity to learn
  • Embedding
  • Explaining
  • Interacting
  • Questioning
  • Structuring
  • Activating

Leader Programmes

Lead programmes cover specialist areas, each aligned to the Model for Great Teaching. Programmes provide a grounding in research evidence and then equip you to lead improvement to policy and practice in the following areas:

  • Behaviour and Culture Programme
  • Science of Learning Programme
  • Assessment Lead Programme

Featured case study

The Great Teaching Toolkit has been transformative in both our teaching and learning, and CPD approaches.”

Jamie Kelleher, Assistant Headteacher, on how Birchgrove Comprehensive School are benefitting from and using the GTT.

How do I sign up?

Benefit from personalised professional development for all your staff, each year!

Every account with a GTT subscription has access to all of the courses, tools, community and features.

Bundles are priced per school. Group bookings are subject to bespoke pricing; for more please get in touch.

Bundle Staff accounts Price
S 10 £1,999
M 20 £2,999
L 50 £3,999
XL 100 £4,999
XXL 101+ £6,999

The Toolkit runs as a subscription, billed on an annual basis. All prices are excluding VAT.