Improving Social and Emotional Learning

New Trialled and Tested podcast looks at improving Social and Emotional Learning.

Effective social and emotional learning (SEL) can increase positive pupil behaviour, mental health and well-being, and academic performance.

Indeed, evidence from the EEF’s Teaching and Learning Toolkit suggests that effective SEL can lead to learning gains of +4 months over the course of a year. However, despite being seen as one of their top priorities by almost all primary schools, only just over one-third say that dedicated planning for SEL is central to their practice.

The recent EEF guidance report, Improving Social and Emotional Learning in Primary Schools, reviewed the best available research and offered school leaders six practical recommendations to support good SEL for all children.

In this episode of our podcast series, Trialled and Tested, EBE’s Jamie Scott speaks to Jean Gross CBE, one of the authors of the guidance report, Liz Robinson, who sat on the advisory panel, and headteacher Mari Palmer for her views on implementing SEL strategies.

Although the guidance is aimed at Primary Schools, both the guidance and the podcast is just as relevant to parents of young children.

‘Trialled and Tested’ is produced in partnership with the Education Endowment Foundation.

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