The Science of Learning

Is the science of learning really a science? What can teachers and students learn from the research evidence on effective studying and learning? What aspects of cognitive psychology could affect teachers and students in the next ten years?


These are some of the questions Stuart Kime posed to Professors Anne Cleary and Matt Rhodes from Colorado State University when they recorded this podcast early in 2019. Anne and Matt’s new book – A Guide to Effective Studying and Learning: Practical Strategies from the Science of Learning – is published by OUP and is available now.


We discussed their new book, and covered the following topics:

Is the science of learning really a science?
Does neuroscience have lessons for classroom practice?
How is knowing something different to understanding?
What is spacing and how does it help learners learn?
What research in cognitive psychology should all teachers know about?
What developments in cognitive psychology do you think will influence the way teachers teach and students learn in the next ten years?
If you were in charge of the education system for the USA and could make any three changes, what would they be? And why?

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