Great Teaching Toolkit: Starter Account

Teachers can now gain free access to the Great Teaching Toolkit feedback tools with a Starter Account!

The tools take the form of student surveys and feedback reports, which have been designed by Professor Rob Coe. Trialled in schools here in the North East of England, the tools give you accessible and actionable feedback about your classroom practice, aligned to the dimensions and elements of the Model for Great Teaching.

What does the evidence say about student perceptions? There is already a good body of research that shows student surveys can provide valid measures of classroom environment and teaching practices (eg Marsh and Roche, 1997; Gates Foundation, 2012; Spooren et al, 2013).

When asked the right questions, in the right way, student perceptions can be harnessed to offer an important source of information on pedagogical practices and the classroom environment.

In turn, the feedback they generate can be a powerful tool for teacher learning – offering additional insight that allows teachers and leaders to personalise professional development.

GTT student survey feedback

With a Starter Account, you will be able to:

  • Use student surveys to generate confidential feedback on the classroom environment to inform and personalise your professional development.
  • Explore example student survey feedback before generating your own.
  • Access the Foundation Course, and sample lessons from 10 of our professional development courses.

A Great Teaching Toolkit: Starter Account is different to a paid subscription. Schools with a subscription have full access to 11 professional development courses, a wider range of reports, and platform features to help guide development goals.


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