Stuart, my co-Director, has been blogging on here for a while, but personally, this is my first post here. So I guess I should start by introducing myself briefly…

I’m Jack Deverson, a Newcastle University graduate in Chinese and German. During my degree, I set up a business proofreading and translating, and in my spare time, I’m a keen runner, and enjoy playing gigs around and about the north-east of England (and beyond!).

Why am I posting today then? Well, we’ve been busy here at recently on the development of a new project. As you can see from our site, our team has a lot of experience training school leaders and teachers to interpret CEM assessment feedback and data. However, we’ve identified that this is an incredibly costly thing for schools to undertake – especially those outside of the UK, when travel costs are taken into account. What’s more, there is little evidence to suggest that one-day training sessions are effective in creating sustained change in schools; see here to read the latest research and recommendations on how CPD in schools should be carried out, in an ideal world.

What we’ve come up with, then, is a solution for this, in line with that evidence. It’s a range of packages, which give schools all of the tools required to conduct training on CEM data much more affordably and much more flexibly than ever before. The key points we’ve tried to emphasise throughout include:

  • affordability. For roughly the cost of one day-rate training session, schools receive the “premium” annual subscription to our video package, which itself includes an in-school visit, among other things. We also offer a 14-day money-back guarantee as standard – an extra layer of security.
  • flexibility. We offer a responsive service, so that school leaders and teachers can request a video on a topic of their choosing. This means they get the training they want, when they want it.
  • our expertise. Over the last five years, our team has trained over 2,000 teachers in more than 150 schools worldwide to interpret the data obtained from CEM assessments (such as BASE, MidYIS and ALIS).
  • getting value for money out of the assessment data. The data themselves are of extremely high quality. When schools are already paying a premium for such robust data, there should be an affordable solution to supplement this, ensuring they can get as much bang for their buck as possible, so to speak. It is an easy, affordable, social and timely option, to improve teaching, and subsequently student outcomes.

We’ve made the process as easy as possible for decision-makers in schools, so to read more about this, and to see what is included in the packages, click here. Let us know what you think by commenting below, and if you’re interested, drop an email to

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