Now in the GTT: Your own CPD Passport

Introducing the CPD Passport: a career-long record of professional development activities!

Since the Great Teaching Toolkit was released last September, its aim has been to provide teachers with high-quality feedback, training and tools in the areas that underpin great teaching in the classroom. Ultimately, it seeks to guide evidence-based, sustained and sustainable professional development in schools and colleges. More than 12,000 licences have been taken up since then in schools and colleges around the world.

Our team of GTT Advisors have been listening to feedback from teachers and leaders in their regular conversations. In this series of blog posts, we’ll explore what feedback we’ve received, what developments and additions have been made, and how they can help you and your colleagues.


You said…

As a teacher, it would be great to be able to see all my CPD activities in one place, and add to them over time.


… And what’s coming next

We’ve been working hard to develop a “CPD Passport” feature in the GTT. This is a career-long record of professional development activities, that each teacher can carry with them throughout their career.

For teachers, not only does it capture courses completed and activities carried out within the Great Teaching Toolkit platform, but you can also record other professional development undertaken – courses taken, books read, podcasts listened to, and much more.

Each Great Teacher can now access, export and print an all-time list of their activities, as well as filtering by date.

For coordinators, it is possible to view an aggregated, high-level summary of activities carried out by staff within the school or college – again, both all-time and filtered by date. This helps you provide an ongoing, evidence-based record of time invested in robust teacher development, as well as facilitating communities of teachers working on the same Element or Dimension of our Model for Great Teaching.


How do I access this?

If your school or college already has a subscription, you can click the “Passport” button in the menu to access this feature.

If not, you can find out more and sign up here, to benefit from this and all of the other CPD in the Great Teaching Toolkit, or contact us to book a demo.


Read more about other new and upcoming features in the following posts:


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