Dr Robert A. Bjork joins EBE’s Advisory Board

As part of our mission to help teachers use the best available evidence to inform their decisions in the classroom, all of our programmes (the Research Support Partnership, the Assessment Lead Programme, and our CEM Data Training) draw heavily on the research of Professor Robert Bjork and his team at the Bjork Learning and Forgetting Lab at UCLA. With that in mind, we’re delighted to announce that Robert has joined our Advisory Board to help us adhere to the above mission. We are very excited to learn from him and his wealth of experience…

Robert A. Bjork (PhD, Psychology, Stanford; BA, Mathematics, Minnesota) is Distinguished Research Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles. His research focuses on human learning and memory and on the implications of the science of learning for instruction and training.

He has served as Editor of Memory & Cognition (1981-85) and Psychological Review (1995-2000), Co-editor of Psychological Science in the Public Interest (1998-2004), Chair of a National Research Council Committee on Techniques for the Enhancement of Human Performance (1988-1994), and Chair of the UCLA Department of Psychology (2003-2010).

He is a past president or chair of the American Psychological Society (APS); the Western Psychological Association; the Psychonomic Society; the Society of Experimental Psychologists; the Council of Editors of the American Psychological Association (APA); and the Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology.

He is a recipient of UCLA’s Distinguished Teaching Award; the American Psychological Association’s Distinguished Scientist Lecturer Award, the American Psychological Association’s Distinguished Service to Psychological Science Award; the American Physiological Society’s Claude Bernard Distinguished Lectureship Award; the Society of Experimental Psychologists’ Norman Anderson Lifetime Achievement Award; and, together with Elizabeth Bjork, the James McKeen Cattell Award (“for outstanding contributions to applied psychological research”) from the Association for Psychological Science.

He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and was selected to give the 120th Faculty Research Lecture at the University of California, Los Angeles, during February 2016.


With that significant expertise, we are confident that Robert will prove to be a tremendous addition to the Board. You can read more about his colleagues, the rest of our Advisory Board, here.

Robert’s work on retrieval practice is a key component of our Assessment Lead Programme, for which registrations are now open for this year’s limited cohort of schools. Want to improve assessment in your school? Click here today.

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