The Science of Learning: What should teachers know, and why?

This podcast episode is a Science of Learning feast for anyone mildly obsessed with teaching and learning!

EBE’s Director of Education, Dr Stuart Kime, talks to Dr Niki Kaiser and Dr Efrat Furst about the approach the three of them took to the design our Science of Learning Programme. However, this is far more than a conversation about designing teacher CPD. Our teaching trio of Drs discuss:

  • The learning process and the value of teachers knowing about it;
  • The key characteristics of how people learn;
  • Their experiences as teachers encountering new information about how we learn and incorporating it into their practice;
  • Moving from novice to expertise;
  • Making learning meaningful (potatoes and carrots!).


About our guests

Dr Niki Kaiser – Niki is a Chemistry teacher and Research Lead at Notre Dame High School, currently seconded to the Education Endowment Foundation as Science Content Specialist.

Dr Efrat Furst – Efrat is a teacher with a research background in cognitive-neuroscientific research (human learning and memory). Efrat works to bridge the science of learning with teaching and learning in classrooms – with a focus on understanding the key principles in learning and applying effective strategies in the classroom


All of our podcasts can be found in our podcast archive and our Resource Library. If you like the topic of this podcast, you might also like a previous episode on working memory, available here.

If you’d like to know more about the process of how we learn and how it can be used to enhance teaching and learning strategies, take a look at our Science of Learning Programme here.

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