What #EveryTeacher needs to know about assessment: a panel event

“What every teacher needs to know about assessment” was an event jointly hosted by SchoolsWeek and Evidence Based Education at St Matthias Primary School, Bethnal Green, from 4:30pm on 27th November 2018.

We organised a panel of expert practitioners and researchers, who each answered a few key questions about the assessment landscape, in light of the continued evidence over the last decade that assessment is an underdeveloped area of teacher skill and training. You can download our free ebook for the event below.

The panel was chaired by our very own Director of Education, Stuart Kime, and consisted of:

  • Christine Harrison, King’s College London
  • Phil Stock, Greenshaw High School
  • Amie Barr, Head of Assessment at ARK
  • Becky Allen, UCL IoE
  • Claire Sealy, St Matthias Primary
  • Jon Hutchinson, Reach Academy

We, along with SchoolsWeek and our six panelists, think there is value in revisiting this issue of what teachers need to know about assessment, particularly in relation to workload and efficiency. With that in mind, we asked each panel member to think about two key discussions:

  1. What does every teacher need to know about assessment?
  2. What assessment practices should schools do more of, and what should they do less of?

Their individual answers can be read in the event ebook – download this below – and we delved further into these issues during the debate, which was streamed on our Twitter. The link to this Twitter post can be found below; the debate was also video recorded and a final cut will be shared on our social media in the coming days.


Download ‘What every teacher needs to know about assessment’ free eBook with our panelists’ answers

Click the image below, or use this link, then enter your details to receive the free ebook!


How can I watch?

The link to our Twitter live stream from the event is found below, along with the final cut of the video which can be found here.


What’s next?

If your interest has been piqued, and you want to know where you can turn for high-quality and affordable training and support to improve assessment – either as an individual or in your whole school – check out our Assessment Academy. It houses two world-class courses of professional development, and will help you and your colleagues to take the next steps in improving assessment.

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