Classroom Management

Classroom management is a key component of great teaching. Great teachers manage the classroom to maximise opportunity to learn, and no model of great teaching could be complete without classroom management. Managing the behaviour and activities of a class of students is a huge part of what teachers do. 

Classroom management and culture is multifaceted. In this episode of the Evidence Based Education podcast, we explore just a few factors and ideas that can help teachers consider and manage behaviour in their classroom.  

In this episode: 

  • Professor Rob Coe talks about the importance of classroom management for ‘maximising opportunity to learn’ – Dimension 3 of the Model for Great Teaching
  • Dr Alicia Chodkiewicz suggests we move away from framing behaviour as good or bad
  • David Didau reflects on social norms as an influencer of behaviour
  • Tom Bennett on routines as building blocks of the classroom culture and how teachers explicitly teach routines, and the use of scripts to manage potentially disruptive incidents. 

The classroom management ideas and approaches explored in this podcast are a few of the many that feature in the Great Teaching Toolkit courses; the Behaviour and Culture Programme (for middle and senior Leaders) and Maximising Opportunity to Learn (for classroom teachers).  

All of our podcasts can be found in our podcast archive, and we have a host of free eBooks, videos and webinars for you in our Resource Library. 

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