Prof. Jonathan Sharples – “My vision for an evidence-based school system”

Welcome to the first episode in our new (monthly) podcast series, featuring Jonathan Sharples as our first contributor. Here at EBE, we’ve been organising talks and interviews, and bridging the gaps between education policy, research and practice, for years now. Spreading the word has been the issue. We got such great feedback about our guest speakers at the Assessment Lead Programme Residential last week, that we felt it would be a shame not to get the messages across in another form, to a wider audience. So here goes…

The very first episode of The Evidence Based Education Podcast comes from the evening talk on Thursday 3rd August, delivered by the Education Endowment Foundation’s Senior Researcher, Professor Jonathan Sharples. Jonathan and The EEF are both on Twitter – well worth following for up-to-date research and evidence.

He gave an engaging and open insight into the work of the EEF, and also a more holistic window into his vision for a functioning and effective evidence-based school system in the UK.

His slides are downloadable here, for your reference as you listen, and click here to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes (Android and other links below) – if you enjoy it, please rate and review!

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  • Russell MacNair

    With an Audio Podcast it would have been good to repeat the questions from the floor for clarity

    • Jack Deverson

      Thanks for your feedback Russell – that’s something we noticed after the event too, and will take on board for future talks!

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