Retrieval practice in the classroom with Adam Boxer

Kate Jones, Senior Associate for Teaching and Learning, interviews Science teacher, co-founder of Carousel Learn and author Adam Boxer about retrieval practice in the classroom.

Understanding the role of memory in the learning process is essential for all educators. It is important for those planning and designing lessons to be aware of the limitations of working memory and recognise how regular retrieval practice can strengthen long-term memory. Retrieval practice involves recalling already-learned information from long-term memory to make that learned information easier and quicker to retrieve in the future.

In this episode:

  • Adam Boxer explains why teachers should carefully consider the language used when discussing retrieval practice in the classroom, providing all learners with retrieval opportunities.
  • Kate asks Adam how teachers can provide retrieval opportunities, other than a ‘Do Now’ or quizzing starter task. Adam explores the importance of regular retrieval practice and how retrieval opportunities can be promoted throughout a lesson and for homework.
  • Adam talks about how Carousel Learning was developed and explains all the different features and tools the platform can provide for teachers. You can found out more about Carousel Learn here.
  • Retrieval practice in the primary classroom is also explored.
  • Finally, Kate and Adam explain the importance of explaining effective (and ineffective learning strategies) to students.

To enhance your use of retrieval practice you can access the Science of Learning Programme, as part of the Great Teaching Toolkit and download the eBook Retrieval Practice: Myths, Mutations and Mistakes. All of our podcasts can be found in our podcast archive, and we have a host of free eBooks, videos and webinars for you in our Resource Library.

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