School leaders give their perspective on the Assessment Lead Programme

Since the Assessment Lead Programme started in October 2017, over 1,100 school leaders and educators have joined the mission to #AssessBetter. Gain an insight into their experiences below, and learn how you can benefit.

What do we mean by #AssessBetter? I’m glad you asked. #AssessBetter was the hashtag we established in September 2016 to embody everything that the Assessment Lead Programme stands for and aims to enable: more purposeful and positive use of assessment, assessment as pedagogy, building stronger links between curriculum and assessment, more manageable and meaningful use of assessment, reclaiming assessment as a tool for teaching and learning.

Although we launched in October 2017, we’re only just starting to get feedback from school leaders and that’s because, in line with the best available evidence in teacher CPD, the programme is around 50 hours of professional development, and is sustained over a period of about six months. Therefore, our first cohort and some of our second cohort have just come to the end of their development and now we’re hearing what they think and, more importantly, how practice in their school has begun to change.

This is such an exciting time for us! The development period for ALP was 15 months then, once our baby was announced to the world, we had another six months of waiting patiently to hear what the participants thought about it. So now, after months of us espousing the merits of the ALP, we can hear from the people that matter, the people whose opinion we value most – teachers and leaders working in schools.

In addition to our three case studies (linked below), we can now add this playlist of videos, with educators telling us what they think about the Assessment Lead Programme and how it is changing practice in their school.



Further written case studies can be found here:


Places are limited for the September cohort of the Assessment Lead Programme, so don’t miss out – find out more and book your place by clicking here.

  • Addy Brown

    Principals and other school leaders are reorganizing their time around a high priority: closing the achievement gap through teaching effectiveness. From teacher evaluation methods to coaching specific instructional leadership skills, we give principals the tools to accelerate student performance and give teachers the support they need.

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