#TestingTheWater: Pearson and LKMco release report on assessment

We welcome the Pearson and LKMco report and its focus on assessment as a tool to support great teaching. Assessment, as it has been said many times, should be the servant of learning and not its master. Like the Carter Review of Initial Teacher Training (2015) and the report from the Commission on Assessment without Levels (2015), this report again highlights the need for accessible high-quality training in assessment. Having developed the Assessment Lead Programme to help fill this void, we stand ready to support teachers and senior leaders to put the principles of assessment practice to work in bridging teaching and learning. Better information can inform better decisions, and better decisions can lead to better learning. And if that’s not the most valuable outcome, what is?

You can download a copy of the report here.

We spoke to the writers of the report about Assessment Academy, which is highlighted on page 25 as a robust, evidence-based option for schools and teachers wanting to improve their assessment literacy. Find out more about our Assessment Lead Programme here.

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